Sea Moss Gel For Natural Hair

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Sea Moss Gel For Natural Hair. Sea moss is a natural remedy for healthy hair and optimal growth because of its rich mineral and vitamin profile. Sea moss gel can even be used as an egg replacement in some dessert recipes.

Sea Moss Gel
Sea Moss Gel from

To reap these benefits, make the sea moss into a gel, then apply the sea moss gel to the hair. Sea moss gel can even be used as an egg replacement in some dessert recipes. Sea moss is known for its rich nutritional value, containing 92 minerals, and a rich source of antioxidants.

Includes How To Make Sea Moss Gel For Hair And How To Use It In Your Natural Hair Regimen!

Once your coils are hydrated, it’s time to add your homemade sea moss gel. We are discovering foods and nutrition that help our bodies to heal and thrive. A proprietary blend of passion fruit, açai, rice bran oil acts as a natural silicone replacement, reducing frizz, adding shine and making your curls incredibly soft.

Read About The Benefits Of Sea Moss Gel For Hair.

Wearing a true wash & go seemed too good to be true for my natural hair. Nutritional profile the nutrition value of 10 Our organic, wild crafted ( never farmed) sea moss is sourced directly from the pristine caribbean waters of st.

Today We’ll Be Highlighting The Nutritional Value Of This Wonderful Red Alga, And We’ll Also Let You In On Some Great Hair Gel Recipes To Try At Home!

That is, until i discovered using irish sea moss gel. These toxins would otherwise cause damage and buildup on the scalp which prevents the growth of healthy hair. Applying sea moss on your scalp and hair will promote new healthy hair growth.

Sea Moss Gel Penetrates The Hair Shaft.

It’s always great to see that an ingredient is an antioxidant. Irish sea moss holds 50x its weight in water, drenching your hair in moisture and hydration! You simply make it into a gel and add to your curvy vegan meals like bread, smoothies, soups, homemade vegan.

Sebum Also Has An Oily Texture That Can Prevent Protective Hair Styles Such As Dreadlocks.

Each jar of our organic sea moss gel is made to order, blended with spring alkaline water , and always prepared with. The journey my family and i have been on to better health has been rewarding in so many ways. Yes, sea moss does help encourage and facilitate hair growth.

Sea Moss Gel For Natural Hair

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